Oracle 12c is out!

Oracle 12c Release 1 is released! You can download versions for Linux x86-64, Solaris Sparc64 and Solaris x86-64. No Windows yet…

UPDATE: 12c for Windows 64-bit is now also available!

The documentation can be downloaded here, or viewed online here.

Interesting is the list of new features. It’s a long list… Some things worth mentioning:

  • default values for columns can refer sequences (so no more triggers needed for this!)
  • VARCHAR2 increased to 32767 bytes
  • partial indexes for partitioned tables
  • concurrent statistics gathering (instead of serial…) – might speed up things if your processors can handle it
  • new is the “multitenant” architecture with pluggable databases (PDB’s) – might be great to refresh a pre-production environment!
  • move a data file online – data files can be moved online now?
  • Enterprise Manager dbconsole is now called Enterprise Manager Database Express
  • PGA size limit – you can now set a limit for the total amount of PGA that an instance can allocate – interesting, because we had some problems with this…
  • queryable patch inventory – you can now use SQL to query the data dictionary to see the installed patches (as replacement for the OPatch command lsinventory)
  • Oracle Flex ASM – the ASM instance can now run on a separate physical server than the one holding the database instances
  • advanced network compression – new parameters SQLNET_COMPRESSION and SQLNET.COMPRESSION_SCHEME_LIST – interesting…
  • and much more…

Now if only I could find some time to try it out! :-)



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